Chapter 1: Escape From Florida (or in Connor’s words, “Get the FUCK out of Florida!”)

When we decided to buy a boat, we vowed that we would not be buying it in Florida. It was the middle of the summer, and Florida was the dreaded land that we had only just escaped a year and a half prior, having decided to see the beautiful Northeastern United States in our move to Philadelphia. When boat shopping, any boat that was being sold in Florida was immediately removed from the running. So when we broke our lease early and loaded our 4Runner with all the worldly possessions we could fit onto and into it, the absolute joy and excitement we felt was admittedly slightly fettered by the fact that we would be making a 1,200 mile journey to f@#&$%! Florida. At least it was Miami, we thought, grateful not to be headed towards the bath water warm coast of the Gulf of Mexico, not only because we were sick of that place but also because it would have added another several hundred miles to our planned journey back up the Eastern seaboard of the United States, only this time by catamaran.

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Prologue: The Beginning of the Beginning

Maybe it was my Greek blood, maybe it was my working class upbringing, maybe it was just my rolling stone gypsy soul that lead me here, aboard Sayonara – a 34 foot sailing catamaran, with my spouse, my 3 month old baby, and my fully grown yet adorably small tabby cat.

Baby Milo and Kitty Baby Tiger Lily Enjoying the Sunshine
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